armoured skeleton

Here is a fun project that I finished last week - an armoured skeleton haha! As something funny, I used a plastic GW skeleton (without the head) as a sort of armature to sculpt my own skeleton, with a little more armour and clothing. It was fun to practice a little bit of sculpting - you can see the green in the bottom pic - although there are some anatomical problems...but never mind, it was good for learning. The beige parts of the sculpt - the sword blade, shield and core of the scabbard - are milliput yellow-grey. You can see some grey parts of the plastic skeleton showing in places as well. For the painting, I wanted to do some more work with metallics, and I tried to make the metals and rust a little darker than my usual. ANd I decided to use a little red for some of the armour plates and shield, because I haven't been using much red in my painting recently! So good for a change. And I like painting those blue-green colours on the robes and clothing haha, I think the colour is something more unusual for undead, but suits them quite well. I hope you like him!

Posted: 12 Nov 2006

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looks alot like an orc'ish skull. nice work!
18 May 2010
Those metallics rock! You are an inspiration!
11 May 2007
La peinture est vraiment magnifique , la sculture aussi : 9 :)
11 Feb 2007
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