Ork Nob

THis was another entry of mine at the australian and new zealand golden demon 06 - I was extremely honoured to win the gold in the 40k single category with him :) I love the orks (or orcs!) they are so fun to paint, lots of possibilities for rust, dirt, damage and interesting colours! I am often inspired by allan c, and this mini is no exception - it is strongly influenced by allan's orks, as I'm sure you can see. But I tried to go in my own direction at the same time, so hopefully it isn't too much of a copy haha :P It was great to do some more work with metallics after spending a while using NMM, and I think I will stick mainly to metallics for GW minis from now on - in my mind, metallics suit the GW shapes better, and I think they work well with 40k minis especially - the real metals suit the grittiness I think. I tried to experiment with something a little unusual for the ork's skin tones, rather than the usual brighter green - something a bit more natural perhaps. THis is how I imagine orks looking if they really existed! Or perhaps they do exist....haha ANyway I hope you like him, he was a lot of fun to paint! Thank you to everyone at GD who gave me nice comments about him, it was great seeing you all over the weekend. There are lots more bigger and better quality photos on my site, here: http://guildofharmony.com/gallery.php -sebastian

Posted: 14 Nov 2006

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the rating speaks for itself. absolutely amazing piece.
15 Oct 2009
ULTRA COOL, you have to make a tutorial about how painting the banner in that way! it's just too well done!
22 Nov 2007
green skins do exist, im the living proof, being an apparent gnoblar!
14 Aug 2007
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