This was a commission mini that I recently completed. It is a conversion based on one of the plastic GW fantasy ogres. The idea for the project was to create a brutal looking ogryn that was part of an inquisitor's retinue, or otherwise fighting for the inquisition in some capacity. This is the rationale for his head implants etc - if you look carefully at the wound on his head you can see the metal plate that has replaced the part of his skull that was cut away when his brain surgery was performed, tampering with his mind to make him more obedient to the imperium :) hope you like him!

Posted: 17 Dec 2006

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Well painted, and really interesting way of painting metals! Looks awesome.
28 Nov 2008
it looks better here then it did in the Aussie white dwarf
18 Dec 2007
You're one of the best for me my friend! this is another great work! Metals and rusted parts are amazing. I don't like too much the ogre desing, but it's my personal taste. Cool!!
28 Dec 2006
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