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hello everyone, this is an orc from a great new spanish miniature line, called Zenit Miniatures. For the environment, I was imagining a scene in a sort of red earth wasteland, in late afternoon-evening approaching sunset with a reddish tinge to the light. So I tried to experiment with potraying this ambiance in the painting of the mini by using lots of glazes of a reddish-orange colour in the highlights and light areas, and the opposite colour - a green-blue - in the shadows and so on, to emphasise it. Although I played a little game in some parts, by reversing the colours hehe, for fun. I tried something a bit more adventurous for the base this time as well, with a slightly larger scene. Apart form the base coats and a few highlights, the base is coloured entirely with pigments - artists' soft pastels. I hope you like him :)

Posted: 1 Jan 2007

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one fault i have to say the axe but other than that.. beautiful!!
16 Oct 2009
I love the colours and lighting. Especially that you've continued the colour of the oxidation throughout the whole mini. Very cohesive.
26 Feb 2007
This one is extremly overrated! God dam this Axe just sucks ... Even if the Rest of the mini would be a clear 9 for me, well i cant understand this one
17 Feb 2007
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