hello again, this is a miniature I painted as a step-by-step article for the Spanish miniature magazine Gamerforces - the article appears in issue 5. I actually painted the mini a few months ago, back in August 06. There are some really amazing versions of Viraë out there - the magnificent versions painted by poupee canope and cheeba are especially memorable, as well as the offical rackham one - so it was a bit tricky to try to create something original with the colours, when those other versions are so influential! But I tried to move in my own directions with the colour scheme and atmosphere as much as I could, while still showing some of these outside influences. She really was a great figure to paint though, so's been a long time since I have painted a female miniature! I tried to make her a bit more lively and colourful...not so sombre as is usually my habit ;) There are some larger, better quality photos, with more angles, on my website, if you're interested - and a small write-up about the colours and techniques used also. Well, I hope you enjoy her! -sebastian

Posted: 15 Jan 2007

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Beautiful. Every part of the mini is great. Thanks for the in-depth tutorial you wrote; I have it bookmarked now :)
15 Apr 2007
What can I say, she's a perfect 10 and your paint job is no less!
26 Feb 2007
Love the Blending on the Skin. Brilliant!
25 Feb 2007
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