Nanne Ko'en

Well my first try at layering and using a limited color palette. I used a total of 6 colors for this mini (excluding the base). Tried overhead lighting and a special technique on the armor and rather hefty sword. My last aim was to give her a very natural color so no hefty reds and primary greens for a change. Hope you will leave some critique for me to benefit from. Rene

Posted: 10 Jan 2003

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I like this mini alot. the base is cool.the skin is pretty good.The sword is ok, nothing special,the cloak is good except the fold under her right arm, the contrast to the lightest blue is too sharp. do it more like the bottom fold
17 Jan 2003
I think it looks great! The only problem i see with it, is the lighting... The highest highlight looks to strong in some places... Mainly the breasts... (As that is what im most focussed on ATM :P) I w9uld like to know what colours you used on the skin/breast plate/boots...
10 Jan 2003
I really like the effect that your overhead lighting gives. However, the transitions between the colors of her flesh could be a bit more smooth.
10 Jan 2003

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