Grom the Relentless

This is the first of the two CMON figs I got. I'm planning a conversion to the other one but this is as is (choose the dinky hammer). Since the sword was so zoggin huge I decided that I would make it be a peice of ice. I used a bit of the snowy flock on it to make it look like frost, cause that thing would be cold. I know the NMM is a bit rough, no idea why (he sez, trying not to blame it on himself .. :P ) I beileve this is the best face I've ever done on a human and hope to keep it up. Overall, a good learning peice especially when I learned that I have a hard time with gray clothes.

Posted: 8 Feb 2003

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I hate this mini because I know I'll never get close to this level of painting (can't figure if thats an insult or a complement). This is a true example of miniature painting technique at its awsomest.
4 Jan 2004
I dislike this mini, but the ice effect is absolutely magnificently executed. - Jarrett
2 Oct 2003
I can't say more than...Wow.
3 Jun 2003
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