Aqua Marine

hello everyone, here is a new mini I painted recently, a marine heavily inspired by one of cyril's new marines I saw on creafigs. A couple of friends and I wanted to practice some weathering techniques, so we decided to have a fun challenge and each painted a similar style marine, with the same markings and so on. I know that mine doesn't look much like a traditional GW marine, but I was imagining something a bit more generic sci-fi in style, a bit more star wars-ish or something - think of him just as a rogue warrior from a generic sci-fi universe rather than a GW space marine, I just happened to use a GW mini as a base 'canvas' to work with because I had spares, and they have good blank, smooth surfaces! So because of this, I wasn't too worried about adhering to the proper GW marine markings or anything, and I left off the backpack as well for something different - yes I know, I have already had people telling me that he couldn't walk without his power supply haha, but like I said, I just wanted to do something fun and sci-fi, so I thought it might be ok to break the rules this time, if you will allow me! ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it - there are bigger pics and more photo angles on my site.

Posted: 22 Feb 2007

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Whaou ! this one is wonderfull...
25 Apr 2007
all it is really good.. you are a master..but really i think thsoe metals should have more contrast and more work it is so plain, and metallic should have more contrast than more mate surfaces. anyway..i love the mini.. your colour choice are always a pleasure for the eyes
8 Mar 2007
wot can i say that hasnt already been said
7 Mar 2007
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