China Town Samba Garasu Kyusen-no-michi 2

"Reanimated dead men walking, targeting computers with the firepower to match. They feel no fear, no remorse and no pity, they are made to kill." Here is the second of the Kyusen-no-michi pair, the first can be found at 13116 if you want to see them together. I tried to emulate the gun from the first paint job but I'm not convinced it worked too well as it is a far larger weapon. Still, on the positives, I really like the run from shoes up to the trousers, loin piece and then the face with the cyborg detail and orange hair. The two-toned coat is alright as well :) Just to dangle a carrot for you all, go over to the website above and follow the link for the competition - you could win one of every miniature just by telling us what your favourite faction is from the four listed. Go on! It's free! You've nowt to lose friends! Take care all, Phil

Posted: 13 Jan 2003

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