This was a commission work. The client wanted the fur to have a slight, subtle dotted texture effect, rather than being completely flat and smooth. The colours used for the fur were primarily VMC medium sea grey, VMC basalt grey and VMC silvergrey, adding VMC burnt umber for some brown nuances, and shading with dark browns, then dark blue + black for the darkest shadows. I used a more blueish metal colour than usual, to obtain some more contrast with the grey fur colours. The metal was based around VMC dark seagreen, with VMC light sand and VMC silvergrey added for highlights - plus pure white for the final light points. Shading by adding VMC dark sea blue + black to the base colour. The client wanted a larger display base, but also wanted varghar to be removable for gaming - he is attached with magnets. I hope that you like it!

Posted: 5 Mar 2007

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Blood is gorgeous, realy like that mini.
28 Feb 2008
Best mini I think you have done! I liked it so much I bought the mini.
14 Apr 2007 • Vote: 10
Very nice! I love the limited, muted palette. Very natural looking. What did you use for the blood?
18 Mar 2007
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