Chainmail Tiefling Fighter

I have to admit to being inspired color-wise by EArkham's version of this figure. Skin color was my normal skin tones (Mahogany Brown, Beige Red, and Basic Skintone) mixed with red. Continued messing with my washes; that's the darkest skin tone mixed with brown ink and Tamiya Smoke watered down with magic wash. Tamiya smoke is magic. Metal is mixtures of metal paints and black/grey/pearlescent white followed up with slight smoke/ink washes. This was painted in April 2007.

Posted: 7 Apr 2007

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I love the way the skin tones have worked out on this figure. That and the metals are the strong points. I'm not a fan of the hair and the hooves. they could do with a bit more highlighting and shading respectively. The shaft of the weapon looks a little flat as well.
31 May 2007 • Vote: 7

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