Iron Warriors commander

This was a commission job. It's a chaos marine commander from the Iron Warriors Legion, a conversion based on the techmarine mini. A lot of the specifics of the mini, such as the components used, the design of the freehand and placement of the yellow stripes etc. was decided by the client. I used artists' soft patels (like weathering pigments) to create a lot of the colour on the metals - I find they can give a nice texture and good colours for rust etc., plus they are fun to use for something different :)

Posted: 16 Apr 2007

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freakin amazing luv the banner and the best paintjob brings the iron within him without
19 Dec 2009
The sign on his back is awesome
1 Feb 2008
electrolito 77
You are a beast! Amazing work as always! Beautiful metallics. Another lucky commision payer gets a great mini for the money...
29 Apr 2007
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