Grom the Relentless

First I'd like to thank those that left feedback, thank you. I painted the base, added alittle green flock and took more pics. Still blurry but better than before, I'll leave the old one up for awhile to laugh at. I still need to work on the skin, less ink and more highlighting i guess. Comments please, Thanks again, Me

Posted: 27 Jan 2003

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Your base looks ALOT better, and you can see the face a little better, but, once again, that pic is REALLY hurtin you. This one mutes your colors too much and your still out of focus. Invest in a good digital camera. Or check to see if any of your friends have one. You'll get alot better ratings!
28 Jan 2003 • Vote: 6
One of the problems you mentioned is easily fixed. The shiney surface on the cape likely comes froom the ink wash you used. If you mix the ink with a bit of paint it doesn't do that. Also, half the mini is in shadow you can get a better picture with 2 light sources.
27 Jan 2003

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