Great Cthulhu emerges from R'lyeh

This diorama fits under a 30 cm glass dome; the huge Cthulhu "miniature" is roughly 13 cm tall (bottom of feet to top of head); the scene shows Deep Ones who have just managed to wake Great Cthulhu from his slumber --each one reacts differently.

Posted: 2 Feb 2003

6.2 /10 (163 Votes) 3.9k Views

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Creepily cool!
10 Feb 2006 • Vote: 8
I can't give it more than 6 because of the blurry picture, although I might have an idea that it looks better than that. It's a very cool model and I like the colour scheme so I think that if you posted a better picture, you could improve your mini's grade a whole lot.
20 Jun 2005 • Vote: 6

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