Lancier Wolfen

For my second wolfen, I started with the basic grey-mauve palette. The spear head was finely detailed, and its haft was striped; I also tried to make the feathers look as realistic as possible.

Posted: 7 Dec 2003

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Great color scheme! I'm gonna do all my gnolls this way ...
29 Jan 2004 • Vote: 8
Wow. The few viewable steps of highlights (b.e. on the left shoulder) keep me from rating it a 9. Well, the higher you get, the thinner is the air.....That's what my Dad says. So few "mistakes" will pull you down....but at least an true 8. I lke the way you did his skin! Keep it up!
8 Dec 2003 • Vote: 8
I find these Wolfen figures to be fantastic and you've done a fine job on bringing this one to life. I'm painting up some of these figures now and can appreciate the work that's gone into this. I especially like the illusion of hair on the flesh, which is well rendered and the jaws are really nicely picked out in their slavering glory. The feathers are pretty good, but I'd have gone for a more striking set, not perhaps more colourful, but ones that set off the lance more than those of a female pheasant, which these remind me of. That aside, and it is a minor criticism, I think this is a great piece and I shall shamelessly draw from it for inspiration in the future for my Wolfen. Cheers.
8 Dec 2003 • Vote: 8

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