Talisman Wizard (?)

This is a plastic figurine which I think was put out for Talisman (3rd edition) --although I'm not sure. It's just a cool looking Warhammer-style wizard or necromancer. The sculpt was problematic; I couldn't make up my mind as to whether the mouth's lower part was a protruding lip, a stuck-out tongue or maybe even just a big wart. I tried to treat it as a lip, but the result isn't completely satisfying.

Posted: 8 Feb 2003

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great paint work over a very ugly miniature
14 Jun 2004 • Vote: 9
Awesome freehand on the cloak, really like the beetle. Also really like the sword work. Is that static grass on the base or something else? It almost looks fuzzy. Very nice paint job overall. Cheers, Grumb
3 Sep 2003 • Vote: 7
Excellent work! The freehand scarab is awesome. Very wicked sorcerer.
10 Jun 2003 • Vote: 8
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