hello everyone, this one was my entry for the UK GD 07 in the fantasy single category - to my great shock and unbelievable excitement it won the gold demon, an absolute honour and thrill for me. I am calling the mini scratchbuilt, but technically it does use a couple of small GW parts - the head hanging from the rope is of course a plastic zombie head, and the shield is one of the old GW ones from the 1990s. So I guess I can't take complete credit for it haha - but the rest of the mini was sculpted by myself. The mini is based on an Adrian Smith artwork that appeared in the old warhammer 'battle bestiary' that came in the warhammer box set from the early 1990s - the old one with the plastic high elves and goblins haha. I have always loved the artwork, so I decided it was time to try to create a miniature. Originally I sculpted it very closely to the art, in which the skaven is holding a long spear/halberd type weapon, and a round shield circled with spikes. But when I started painting, something was wrong, and the mini seemed unbalanced; after agonising over the decision for a few days, I therefore decided to change the weapons to the hanging zombie head censer, and the kite shield, which improved things a lot I think. Well, I hope you enjoy it - I had lots of fun creating it! I will have more pics of the painting and the sculpting on my site soon, and also a write-up about the painting techniques, colours etc.. Lastly, thank you so much to all the people I met on my trip through Europe, who were so friendly and welcoming - I had the best trip, a real blast! :D

Posted: 29 Oct 2007

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I loved this miniature in 2007 and I still love it today. The way how smoothly colors change on the miniature, how gently they transform from shadows into bright reflections still amazes me. And the base has nice atmosphere too!
9 Apr 2021 • Vote: 10
Prestige Paint
Love it
13 Oct 2013 • Vote: 10
Salibratis (S.V.G.)
27 Dec 2012 • Vote: 10
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