Ilyad Orc

This is a great miniature sculpted by Allan C for Ilyad Games, for the Black Moon Chronicles. I painted it back in August to take to the Ravage Mix Open in Paris as a special tribute to Allan haha. :) I like the way the orc is very gorilla-like, more bestial than usual orcs I think. The mini normally has a tail, but I decided to leave it off this time. I used the mini to practice my technique with metallics, and to try to be a bit more colourful than usual. I hope you like it! :D There are more pics on my site.

Posted: 7 Nov 2007

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Sometimes I feel like top lighting looks to realistic. Sometimes it looks like the shadows are really created by the lights and shadows of the environment the mini is being viewed in. Hope this makes sense. What I like about this mini is that it is obviously top lit and it does not suffer from this common problem. The highlights and shadows are light and dark enough, and vary enough in color, that the problem I described earlier just is not applicable. Great work, excellent metals, and I think the base is fantastic!
24 Nov 2007
Samajy Studios
nice work seb. i really like the metalic blending. is it nmh or really metals
19 Nov 2007
Roger Bunting
I just bought one of these so it's good to see what a great paintjob does for it.
19 Nov 2007 • Vote: 10
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