Marauder Barbarian

This is a mini I sculpted back in May as practice sculpting project, in preparation for the skaven miniature I knew I wanted to create for UK GD later in the year. I wanted to sculpt a marauder, because there are not very many good or inspiring GW marauder minis, and barbarians are always fun! :D However, I still tried to keep the sculpt grounded within the GW universe, because I thought I might end up using it as an entry for the single fantasy mini in the OZ GD. But that turned out to be impossible due to the timing of my Europe trip, so instead I finished him off to enter as an Open category entry at OZ GD 07. He is a little larger in scale than the normal GW minis - he is about 43mm to the eyes. He is a very similar size to the Lathiem mini from Enigma's 'Massive Darkness' range. For the painting, I tried to create a coherent green/red colour scheme: nearly all the colours used are some sort of shade of either green or red. There are more pics on my site, as usual/ I hope you like it!

Posted: 20 Nov 2007

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Your cyan/bluish tones are not always my cup of tea, but this colour palette is eye-catching and final result of this mini is mind-blowing. I really love it!!! 10+
29 Jan 2010
2 Dec 2007 • Vote: 10
Hmmm. I like it, though not flawless. What bothers me is that he looks cute...
1 Dec 2007
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