Gamesday 07 Orc

Hello everyone, here is my version of the GD 07 mini, painted as a commission job for a collector in Italy. I decided to use a more traditional colour scheme this time. I love orcs...I really must paint some more soon! :)

Posted: 14 Dec 2007

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Perfect paintjob from you as usual, Sebastian, congrats!
12 Jun 2008
jajaja..eres un maestro. cojonuda la pintura en una escultura que no ,merece que la pinten asi de bien. me encanta. soy fan.
23 Dec 2007
did i told you that you are one of my favourites painters? did i told you that?? DID I TOLD YOU THAT????? your colour choice is amoung the best i know, you manage to make something REALLY beautiful out of a not so great figurine!!!! really, i start to dream of my sculpts painted by you!! hahaha ;-)
22 Dec 2007
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