Kelian Durak

I realise I am breaking with convention by painting a Rackham mini with metallics (!) haha, but I wanted to write a little article about painting with metallics, and from the minis I had sitting around, Kelian seemed like he would make a good demonstration. You can see the article here: It's been a while since I painted a Rackham mini, and I had forgotten how nice they are to paint. For the colour scheme, I opted for something quite traditional for Kelian, but I tried to continue my attempts to be more colourful with my painting haha. The base is inspired by a beautiful base for a Cadwallon militia man by Remy (Darkeden), although I ended up changing the atmosphere a little bit. Hope you like it!

Posted: 15 Dec 2007

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A perfect 10
14 Feb 2009 • Vote: 10
great choice of color and very realistic metalics. thanks for the tutorial.
21 Jul 2008
10, 10, 10 I have noticed now of this mini, simple but great painted. Thanks so much for your words on the article, I don´t deserve it. You are the real master, and I wish you don´t stop painting, it´s a pleasure to see your works, and your non stop way to live the hobby. greetings
7 Jan 2008 • Vote: 10
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