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My first real try on NMM... hope that you guys like it... I do!

Posted: 23 Feb 2003

6.4 /10 (242 Votes) 6.4k Views

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I agree, I would like to see what the tattoo around Freya's face looks like closer up! The NMM looks pretty good to me.. I'm going to be experimenting with it myself so I like to see as many examples as I can. :) Seems to me you did a better job highlighting Freya's flesh than Grom's, but that might simply be because she has more of it!!
14 May 2003 • Vote: 8
These look good! A closer pic of the faces would be nice, they look like you spent some time on them and would love to see the details.
25 Feb 2003 • Vote: 8

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