Undead Freya

The idea with the head was kind of a touchup work. By removing the flashlines the neck broke (due to bad casting) and it was too fiddly to reattach the head to the neck, so it had to be under one arm. After that, i just had to do an appropiate paintjob. And here she is, undead as undead can be....

Posted: 24 Feb 2003

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This mini looks much better now.
27 Oct 2003 • Vote: 7
I applaud the immense advance in your skills. Considering that a year ago you didnt even know what "drybrushing" was, this is great. I am sure that your sculpting skills will increase soon too. Accept the arm critique, as the people here don't know the background. :)
1 Mar 2003
lol nice work!
27 Feb 2003
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