Aurlok Wolf Thunder-Warrior

This is one of the new 'Alkemy' miniatures, a new game coming out very soon by Kraken. This one was sculpted by allan c, and it was very kindly given to me by Jérémie (bragon) when I met him at the Ravage Mix Open in Paris last year - thank you very much Jérémie!! :) A really cool mini I think - I love the pose, very dynamic. With the painting, I continued my attempts to work on contrast and lighting. Painting the flesh areas was the fun part - lots of big surfaces to try some nice colours. Hope you like it!

Posted: 20 Jan 2008

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gnort 2
Looks awesome.
5 Feb 2008 • Vote: 10
virus a.d.i
1 Feb 2008
I do agree that the sculpt does have some issues though I wouldn't call it tremendously aweful . . . Either way your painting is top notch as ever
1 Feb 2008 • Vote: 10
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