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Have sympathy for I am only 13! Tried alot of firsts on this one, tried getting the lighting/shading effects but had to repaint and strip so many times I just decided to leave it out of this one.:(

Posted: 27 Feb 2003

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I think you're being really harsh!! This is a good first attempt... not a great, but a good attempt... with some practise and some "studying" he might be a very good painter one day! you can't really compare anyone to those super-duper top notch young blood painters!!! I think I'm a decent painter with my 2 years of experience and my first attempt was way worse than that!! I haven't painted to my full capability yet, but I will buy some new paints from VMC and then I'm going to enter for a GD... let's see if someone who wasn't very good at the beginnning can make it! :P
12 Dec 2004
Sorry, no sympathy. You'll won't improve if we all jsut polish your helmet for you. This shows potential. The colours are good and you have a decenty hand with detail for a beginner, but you just have to keep plugging away at it. This is not a finished mini but rather a finished base coat IMO. Take it from here, polish the rough spots, fix the mistakes and pat attention to the details. I've seen much, much worse minis here but much older painters, so keep at it.
11 Nov 2003 • Vote: 4
Use some thinned down paint or ink as washes. That alone will make this a whole lot better. It will add a third dimension to everything when you add your lighter tones brushed on top of it. You're getting there
3 Jul 2003
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