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Posted: 28 Feb 2003

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I think you've made a good effort on her. She's cleanly painted, is a fair conversion and even has some highlighting..I also see that you've put highlights for muscletone on her legs, good stuff there. It seems most of the grainy texture is from the photo itself. This could be a 6 or 7 with a nice CLEAR photo. Solid work!
18 Jun 2003 • Vote: 6
The paint on her is much too thick.. You should be thinning your paints. It shows up especially on her skin--it looks very streaky and grainy. The highlighting on her cloak is good, you should apply those same principles to her hair and skin. Her eyes look lop-sided, but I don't know if that's the paint or the sculpt. They need some more definition around them--you would have slightly darker skin just under and over the eye, as well as a highlight on top of the crest of the cheekbone. I like how you straightened the arm holding the scythe a bit and took it away from the knee--good job cleaning up the knee, I can't see any indication that the scythe used to be attached there. I'm not terribly fond of the conversion on the other hand, though. I can't quite place it, but the hand looks a little weird to me (again, might be the sculpt). To sum up: Good job on the cloak, apply those principles of highlighting to the rest of her. Nice clean-up and move with the arm/scythe. You paint job is very precise, I don't see any smudging or mixing of the colors. Work on thinning your paints and giving greater definition to the face. ;)
14 May 2003 • Vote: 4

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