Grom the Relentless

My entry into the contest. Be brutal, but since I have no digi-cam and just scanned him, don't be too brutal.

Posted: 28 Feb 2003

4.1 /10 (229 Votes) 3.7k Views

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Well.... You could have at least glued him to a base. Still, he looks cleanly painted.
26 Jun 2003 • Vote: 4
Gilvan Blight
Seeing as this mini has no base, I can't even give it a "tabletop" score. The mini itself I would rate a 5 or 5.5 if it exists. It looks like you only did some shading but no highlighting. All of your colours are too dark. Try highlighting the flesh as mentioned by Kazar. Then go in and add some orange or yellow to that red and highligh the cape. Your browns are too close together in colour. The gold/bronze parts could use a lighter coat (try adding mithril silver to the base colour, if using GW).
12 Jun 2003 • Vote: 4
Looks like you did the skin and then just washed it with straight flesh wash. Try diluting the flesh wash and then highlighting flesh colors over that. Work on the whole deep shadows bright highlights thing
20 Mar 2003

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