Brom, Hard Bark

This is another commission job for a collector in Italy :) Brom from Enigma, another beutiful sculpt by master Raul Latorre. So many different textures and layers, and the nice shapes make it a pleasure to paint. It's easy to make the Enigma minis look good! I didn't deviate much from the original concept for this one...Brom is a very 'nature' type of dwarf, using mainly natural materials for armour and very little metal - unusual for a dwarf, eh! So that meant that I used mostly natural type colours for the painting, similar to the official paint scheme. Although I did make mine slightly warmer than the official one, and I also went a bit further with the turquoise colour in places, just to give a few more flashes of brighter colour for some contrast.

Posted: 7 Feb 2008

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It's just incredible how you manage to make the corrosion, grime, and grit on the model look not only realistic, but truly beautiful.
15 Jul 2015 • Vote: 10
Super job !!!
7 Feb 2013 • Vote: 10
amazing! i like armors and fur!!!
20 Jun 2011
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