Maleficant - Wild Necromancer

This is the first mini I sculpted and painted for the little mini range I am planning to produce and release over the coming months. It's also the first mini I have ever had cast, which is quite exciting for me haha :) The painted version is one of the metal casts. He is exactly the same size/scale as a Rackham mini - 32mm. The concept for this one is a sort of wild necromancer - Maleficant used to be a druid, but has been seduced by the dark powers, and has turned to worshipping death rather than nature. Due to his druidic history however, he still remains quite primitive and 'wild' in appearance, more at home in the forest than the subterranean chambers of forbidden learning and other dark apocrypha normally associated with necromancers. Anyway I hope you like it - there will be more minis coming soon.

Posted: 7 Apr 2008

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Malkavs Brush
I really love the face - has the whole "skin stretched over a skull" look. I can't wait to see your work as you get even better.
16 Apr 2008
Seb, I was happy to see the progress of this mini and how it came together. He looks a bit different than the sketch but in good ways. I love it!
16 Apr 2008 • Vote: 10
Very beatiful work, hope you good luck!
15 Apr 2008 • Vote: 9
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