The Crow from Fire Industuries

I knew when I first saw this mini that I had to get myself one to paint up. I had got into Rackham late and missed out on the original 28mm version so when this was released i was sold. I used GW metallics on all the mini and lots of glazes of different shades in alot of the more shadowed areas. It was fun to paint (though I wouldn't want to do it again). Such a shame the site closed as I was going to go for the Ninja Goblin next.

Posted: 9 May 2008

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Your metallics are really good in this one. You managed to achieve a good balance between the shiny texture of of metal and necessary matt volume. I know this is really very dificult to achieve. There are still areas that don't look that good, like the blade, but overall I'm really impressed. Its a lot of work, hundreds of lyers of glazes, playing with matt and gloss additives... So very hazardous...
9 May 2008
War Griffon
Fantastic work with metallics as usual. Damn I missed this release from Fire Industries and it looks like Grey Matter who were selling them have taken all the Fire Industries stuff off the site as well :(
9 May 2008 • Vote: 10

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