Plastic Lotr Dwarf Ranger

These minis are good and bad at the same time, they are easy to paint which is good but on the downside some of the castings are very poor, by this I mean the lack of detail in places is really quite shocking, still they are only core troops and not stand alone models so when I have gotten the rest of his comrades done the downside should not be a visible problem. Again I went for the bright clean look which I am quite into at the moment. Painted for gaming more than displaying. Hope you like it, comments more than welcomed. Thanks

Posted: 9 Jun 2008

7.6 /10 (40 Votes) 2.1k Views

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Lords of Glamorgarth
lovely painting. really well done for just 'an ordinary, plastic dwarf ranger'. expecially the colours and the green clothing looks amazing, love the contrasts. well done
9 Jun 2008
7.8 from my point of view... straight and clear painting... very clean, which i guess will look awesome on the battlefield if there were 20 of them... Nice work! Keep 'em screaming dwarfish battlecries... Regards jar
9 Jun 2008 • Vote: 8

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