2485 Egyptian Sorceress (repost)

Repost of http://www.coolminiornot.com/pics/pics3/img3e73e7bdd4686.jpg, with the face touched up. This one sure shows a lot of skin --I had to put on lots of layers of paint to achieve a smoothly-varying skin tone. The klaft (headdress) feather pattern is taken from an Ancient Egyptian painting pattern; I had to touch it up several times. I also had fun making its giant scarab base --using plain Play-Doh. I then experimented with a painting technique that should give a good impression of sandstorm-eroded stone.

Posted: 19 Mar 2003

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this is a nice piece. i'm diggin the feathered headdress. i escpecially like the sand stone effect. you should write an article on how you acheived it. the only thing that i feel you should work on is thinning your paints so the brushstrokes arent as obvious. good job!
4 Jun 2003
I think this Egyptian woman looks a little too happy and a lot too white. She doesn't need to be black, but a little darker at least. And, on the subject of nipples, these look wrong. They look infected or irritated. Otherwise, the skin tones are nice and the stone work base is pretty good.
21 Mar 2003 • Vote: 7

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