2519 Kneeling Assassin

This time I paid particular attention to muddying up the cape, tried non-metallic metal on the short sword / big knife, and the base --a muddy grass field. Guess what was used to do the grass stalks? The hairs from a paint brush.

Posted: 19 Mar 2003

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There are highlights on the cloak & hood that make it look shiny. Same on his right arm, the sleeve, and his left leg on the knee. Appears to be a chip on his left boot - or a really shiny part. The reeds are interesting and fairly well done, but it seems like some broken reeds under him would be better. As other posters have said, show the NMM more - but that might require removing some of the reeds. Think of the outside of the base as a frame - done properly it will cause the subject to "pop."
26 Jul 2009
Would be 100x better if you cleaned off the base rim and painted it black or dark grey. Right now it's very distracting. Nice work with the mud though.
21 Jun 2003 • Vote: 6
The muddy cape looks really good, but a pic from the side would better the visibility of the NMM on the knife.
20 Apr 2003

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