Airtis, Barbarian Gnome

I painted this mini as part of my display for the World Expo in Girona, Spain this year. It is the first miniature in 54 mm scale that I actually finish. I really liked painting bigger scale stuff, so I am definitely going to do more of that. I chose earthy tones for this one as I wanted the miniature and the base to harmonise and seem like a unity. All shading and highlighting is made through repeated glazes. Takes time, but is worth the effort.

Posted: 9 Jul 2008

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chocolate moo
This is just insanely well done! It's one of the finest minis i've ever seen - seriously.
20 Sep 2008
Surely one of your best works, and you know how much i like every works of your! :-) Congratulation again my friend! :)
28 Aug 2008
A beautiful warm ambience, complemented by the wood colour of the base....very nice Anders :) A very natural and 'real' looking version of Airtis. The stone of the axe looks great, and I love the hair on his stomach.
24 Jul 2008 • Vote: 10
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