Warrior MonkA great mini from Spyglass this.

This is a fantastic sculpt from Spyglass a joy to paint from start to finish. This was my first real go with the new Citadel washes, I used them on the metals and also when making the blood drops on the base. I really like the way they handle and will definitely use them again. I will definitely be painting more Spyglass stuff in the future. Comments much appreciated.

Posted: 11 Jul 2008

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Infidel Castro
I'm still painting this feller and I've come to this image umpteen times for inspiration. Grand stuff!
11 Feb 2010 • Vote: 9
Super painting on this. I love the robe, just fantastic job on the highlighting and shading. The face has loads of character, the weary, hollow look of the eyes is very interesting in particular. The bright highlighting on the two lines going up from the eyeridge to the forehead looks a little odd in the side view. Nice job with the woodgraining on the weapon, also.
15 Sep 2008 • Vote: 9
Superb - perfect paint job for the sculpt. Nice one!
21 Jul 2008
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