Mae'viir, Dark Elf Sorceress

hi everyone, this is a mini I sculpted earlier this year, and had cast for my new mini little range of miniatures. You can see more photos and angles by clicking on the image in the online store, here: She is a dark elf sorceress, but I tried to make her quite general in appereance so that she can fit into different mini ranges or races/roles. A sort of multi-purpose sorceress hehe ;) She is 30mm in size. I sculpted her using a mix of milliput and greenstuff (duro). Unfortunately the green was destroyed in the casting process, argh...Oh well, that's life I guess! The painted version is one of the casts. For the painting, I tried to stay within a very simple, but strong colour scheme, with red as the dominant colour, supported by some darker blue-green and purple tones. The strong colour scheme is also mean to be emphasised by using very neutral colours on the base - being a snow base, there is not a lot of colour, hopefully directing most of the focus to the figure itself. A very fast job on the painting, by my standards haha...about 10-12 hours (usually it's about 30-35 hours per figure for me). Well, I hope you like her, guys! :)

Posted: 3 Sep 2008

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It's simply amazing. I've see her and bought her at the moment, was first sight love. I'm just painting her right now, using a similar scherma, I think is the best fit for her.
8 Jan 2011
Ronny Wolf
How can something so beautiful be so evil? Just drop-dead gorgeous.
12 Dec 2008
again other mind blowing mini ~~~~
16 Oct 2008 • Vote: 10
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