Kordius The Slayer

I had soooooooo much fun painting this one.

Posted: 7 Oct 2008

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Great vivid and gritty look to this. The severed head looks fantastic, and I like the stubble. The rear view isn't quite as interesting. It might benefit from a few different colours glazed into the axe or some freehand on the cloak or something. But minor point on a great looking piece!
8 Oct 2008 • Vote: 9
demi morgana
Yeah, that's 100% macho-badass! :)
7 Oct 2008 • Vote: 9
The fun is more than viewable, which you had here... Love that grim thing you gave him, looks like Felix Jaeger with these trousers - the grim version, maybe a Felix Jaeger, who has eaten Gotrek^^... Nice job... Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
7 Oct 2008 • Vote: 8
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