Deathjack - Cryx Helljack

Deathjack for my Cryx Army. It's meant for gaming purpose and I'm quite happy with the look on the gaming table. I might resume the mini in the future and finish / add some details.

Posted: 14 Oct 2008

7.9 /10 (58 Votes) 7.3k Views

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A well deserved 8. The Freehand ist very cool and it makes the green ghostly fog (or whatever it is) work better on that mini. Great work for a mini thats meant to be played with.
14 Oct 2008 • Vote: 8
Very cool piece, you got a extrapoint, because you use it in your army. A painter, who invests that much time, for creating such beautiful models for playing purpose deserves my respect :)
14 Oct 2008 • Vote: 8
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