Games Day Italy 2008 Gold: Leonardo DiMiragliano - The Great Wyrdstone Collector... Part I of IV...

Hi Di Ho! Finally, I managed to take pictures of my GD Diorama... ^_^... Leonardo DiMiragliano: The Great Wyrdstone Collector... Part I of V... This Diorama has been on my mind since 2006... Ben and me were on our flight back home from the English GD and we were developing an idea about the continuation of my Leonardo DiMiragliano Series, which is the initial reason why I started painting in the first place... As time passed by, more and more elements completed the narrative Density of this first part of a huge project... Part I of V is just the beginning... I chose to have each Diorama representing one of the Elements... Earth, Air, Water, Fire will follow, the last one might be a bit more misterious... Love, Chaos or maybe Space... Each one gives insight on the life and times of Leonardo Di Miragliano / Steampunk DaVinci... I found out, that the most ingenious inventor of all time had 4 pupils, so I - VI will show their work while the last, final diorama will depict the great master himself... The Great Wyrdstone Collector is inspired by the historical student of Leonardo, Marco d´Oggiono... Further elements were taken from Jules Vernes... this one is the Earth Aspect... The speciality of the whole entry is a 3 step Surprise...^-^... First Surprise: A very strange looking, unfocused Scenery, technically good, but the Spectator may (and should...^_^...) be confused... On first glance we see a wide, open plough land, some punpkins, cabbage, cauliflower, salad, climb, herbs... a huge Mole hill... An extremely confused looking farmer... The peasant symbolizes the Spectator, both disturbed and totally flabbergasted by the unexplainable hole in the Ground... The Confusion is amplified by the section straight through the ground... a strange scene of un-categorizable confusion is created... Second Surprise: After the first few seconds the spectator notices some kind of contraption on the Diorama... Metal parts, a hinge and a hook... It´s clear, that the Diorama has got some kind of FUNCTION to it... he realizes, that it can be opened... The Inner part reveals the sense of this freak hole in the ground, more precisely it shows the cause: A subterrain - steampowered gigantic explorational Drill... a new Layer is shown, that cannot be seen before... some kind of Xray sight, a glimpse behind the curtains... Third Surprise: This one stands on the very end of this project...:)... Each of the Dioramas may have a similar function to open up and ALL TOGETHER, combined, they create a new, huge and -hopefully- absolutely fantastic Megadiorama, that again transports a whole story... Reference from Elements of the other Dioramas can be found, it all gets clear and understandable in the end... I am really, really happy about going back to the original Topic, that made me start to paint... Steampunk, the Empire, Leonardo DiMiragliano, Contraptions, Narratives, Fantasy in the very Core... Perfect... In addition, I am very happy to show this in Italy... all the time the Project was dedicated to your wonderful Country, the place where the Great Maestro comes from... I hope you appreciate, it´s for Italia... The Procedure: In the Beginning I started developing the concept... building the Diorama alone took 10 - max. 14 days, as usual, but in the end it is 14 days PLUS 2 years of time working, developing, gathering ideas... and so on... As for the Creation, I took a 25 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm wooden MDF Box... this I filled with construction foam out of a can... it expanded in a monstrous way, causing my Box to explode...^-^... But hej, another try... The end texture of the soil is merely an accident, I experimented with the Foam and after some problems I didn´t stopped until it looked as it looks now... After it was completely dried out I cut it in half with a bladesaw... Then I modelled the Details with a Glue - Sand Mixture... The vegetables can be found in a Shop for train accesory... NOCH or Busch, I am not sure, but they have the Pumpkins, the Cabbage, Sunflowers and even Reddish and freaky Tomatoes... The Miniatures... I did scetches for all of them, plus some Characters I did not used in the final version due to time problems (hehe, like always...)... The only part straight out of the blister is the Torso of the Technicus... all other parts have been sculpted... The farmer / peasant should look as confused, dirty and stupid as possible... he fights the moles for years, that´s why his simple mind cannot understand what is going on... In the end, a 500 pound Mother Mole can kick your ass while chewing on your income, spoiling the day... Details: Please mind the small U shaped magnets on the boys feet... he uses them to allow walking on the metal crate inside the drill... The Technicus has his Gyro Chair, that stabilizes his position more intelligently... plus the Tea...^-^... there is a small yellow canary bird on his shoulder to warn him about toxic gases in the ground... if the bird falls it´s bad... hold breath until you reach the surface again... have a cookie for your tea...^_^... There is a mouse mother in the ground, breast feeding it´s babies... Looking back, they are dedicated to Matteo Murelli... He knows why... He´s a sucker...:D... There is one Mole, a second mouse, Cave Shrooms and some other vermins hidden in the scene... maybe you can find them all... maybe not... push the button, receive bacon... The Machine: The mechanism is turned upside down... A bicycle device uses it´s upper movement, to shovel Coal into a furnance, this causes the drill to rotate... the drilling motion causes crushed soil to fall inside the drill... with the downside movement the ground is transferred through the whole drill on some kind of conveyor belt ... the Machine room is completely made out of metal, while the room of the Technicus is a bit more comfortable (see the padded door... lovely...^_^...)... there is a small cover, that allows access to the transported soil... the boy is ment to watch it for the rare Wyrdstone Shards under the sharp supervision of the Master... He has long thongs that can be used to pick quickly and pass it over... Here you see 3 Scetches of the Characters... Okay, that´s quite it...:D... I hope I did not forget anything... Please feel free to ask anything and as much as you want, I will be happy to answer... in addition, all Votes and Comments will be absurdly appreciated... Special Thanks to Ben and Kevin (TIN), Matteo Murelli, Fabrizio "Rusto" Russo, Renata, all people I have met at the Italian GD (you guys have heart... really...), Stefan and Christian... And everything whohelped me making this Diorama...:)... Cheers! "Matt Cexwish"

Posted: 31 Oct 2008

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Alexa Fallon
Bravo! Such Amazing Work!
2 months ago
Looks really amazing but i think the pictures aren't good enough to got the entire potential of this diorama
5 Jul 2019 • Vote: 9
Simply astonishing. Great idea amazingly executed
27 Dec 2015 • Vote: 10
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