Golden Demon Germany Slayer Sword 2011: The Return Of The Warlord – Two Sides Of The Coin – Life

There are Two Pictures Uploaded on here and I invite you to see both before you Leave a Comment... Usually, post only one Pic per Project, but due to the Special Setup of the Diorama it was necessary to make two Main Pictures, two Videos and a before / after switcher Pic just because it is so daaaamn cool...... Please see these Videos first to understand both the Movement and the Mechanism... I think it is best to Describe the Diorama with a little Tale, so it stays interesting for you to read... The Life Scene: The Warlord. The Piper. The Money. The Flower. The Carrott. Each stands for a certain aspect that is needed to Plan, Maintain and Execute War. The Piper is the Propaganda, that tranquilizes Consciousness and Critical Worry. The Money finances the War, buys New Weapons and lubricates certain processes. The Warlord is the Brain that makes sure that War is Guided in the Direction deemed necessary. The Flower is Sweet, makes an awful thing taste great and lures people calmy and softly into damnation. Last scene of all, That ends this strange fellowship: the Carrott. Being the Stick that ferotiously beats the foe, this Aspect executes the Will of it´s Masters, dim and dull, chewing his Carrott, marching one Step after another closer to the Edge. It is a Sunny Day. The Villagers are all ever supportive, eagerly throwing flowers in front of the Iron Hooves of the Steam driven Horse. An early Nuthatch found the Worm that it will now happily feed to it´s kin. The Children are trying to get a glimpse on the Glorious Procession in all it´s Shiny Pride. It is a Good Day, an Important Day. Bagpipers Play the Tunes of War. War is Coming. The Death Scene: The Warlord has returned. His Endeveours were a Great Success, for many foes have been slain by his hand. He bravely fought with his sword. His Duty for Country and Crown is now fulfilled. He died a glorious death on one of the numerous Battlefields. "Come back with your shield or on it.", some have said. Now he is finally rested on his Cart that brings him on a last Parade to display his glorious Victory for everyone to see. A Medal has been rewarded to him for his braveness.The People from the Life Scene have now changed, they have been de-Humanized into Objects. The Bagpipes lie in the Mud, ripped open to release it´s last Whistle into the Night. Money is of no Value when you can´t buy Bread that has not have been Harvested, not even planted on the fields. The Banker has lost it on his way into the Cold Waters in which he was thrown in for supporting the Warlord. The Flowers are long rotten, the Fruit and Vegetables now turned back to Dust. Men, Women and Children have died, leaving others back. The Rain has started some days ago and doesn´t seem to end. The once bright Future is uncertain on the Shady Flipside of the Medal. The House: The House itself is build as an metaphor on Life and Death as well... If you look at it with a little bit of imagination you migth be able to recognize the different parts as Head, Breast, Stomach and -well- maybe also it´s Butt where the Chimney is... At first, Home is enclosed and safe, Warm and Protected through the Roof, the Wooden Floor and the cosy Furniture... War destroys homes as it destroys Humans, so the House on the Death Side is Burned, the Wooden Floor came crashing down giving it the appeareance of a ribcage, the Rain is coming in from Outside, it´s Cold and the home is cracked open, so the Little Orphant of War has to seek Sheelter underneath the Eating Table... A bit about the Mechanism: As long as the Melody is playing you are supposed to Curb the Curb. I have found the Melody after a nearly impossible journey through a couple of Children Toy Stores in Berlin... I was close to giving it up after an unholy hail sermon of "Happy Birthdays" and "Wedding Marches" until I have finally discovered this one stored in the "Rock & Roll" Section... The Diorama is obviously a critical comment on War as a subject in Wargaming Dioramas, that we see mostly, in the past, presence, hopefully not so much in the Future. It shows what War means, what it brings, that there always is Shadow where you see Light, always another Side of the Medal. No Victor without the Defeated, no Win in Victory. Everyone loses. Most importantly: I would like to Thank my dear Friends, Mr. Ben Komets and Mr. Kevin "TIN" Kosse... Without You, this Diorama would not exist at this Moment... The Sword belongs to us three equally, Thank you so much, Guys... --->>> Still some Text to correct / follow... Please stay tuned and check our Website at for more informations......<<<---

Posted: 23 Aug 2011

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These dioramas are quickly becoming my favorite use of miniatures. This is indeed a work of art in my opinion - message and craftsmanship combined with a certain unique spirit that defines what separates an artist from his fellow craftsmen.
28 May 2013 • Vote: 10
Does so much to further miniature painting as an art form. Bravo!
18 Dec 2011 • Vote: 10
just one of the most incredible creation in the history of miniature art!
26 Oct 2011 • Vote: 10
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