Dwarf Pirate

It has been an age it seems since I finished a mini, my life has been full of work and also to my downfall World Of Warcraft. This mini was given to me by a friend and is the first Fenryll mini that I have painted. I have to say that when I first started it I loved it the face has so much character that every brush stroke was a pleasure and that was how it was until I came to the feet. The complete contrast from good sculpting to very poor is astounding the feet are not very well sculpted at all and I really struggled to make them look anything like a poor sod with a club foot. I tried several colour variations on the feet but everything I tried just looked like crap so in the end I went for metal shod feet. I know that that would not be practical or even correct for a sea going chap but believe me anything else just didn't work. In the end I am pleased with the finished mini not my best work I know but still good enough to sit in my display case and not look out of place. I hope you like it and as usual any comments are most appreciated.

Posted: 11 Nov 2008

7.7 /10 (58 Votes) 994 Views

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Arrrr! Hit meself in da eye wit' that anchor last time. Beautiful colors!
27 Dec 2008 • Vote: 9
Awesome work Sir! I have been looking out to see this one finished up. VERY well done. I love the vibrance of the colours.
11 Nov 2008

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