Epic Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast

Just another mini

Posted: 12 Nov 2008

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Aloa Jens ... sweet little lady here... really catched the mood of the miniature. Would be very intresting how the back looks - maybe some more angles of your work could help the people to see your mini from all sides... what i can see i really like... little steps to improve your painting skills would be to work with stronger work of light and shadow, means darker shadows and higher highlights, brighter ones... what i mean you can see at her legs - there the skin has the same colour intensitiy like the face... while only a little part of her leg should become light... a bit oxidation on your metals could really put them up..maybe gold isn't the best choice here, because gold is an eyecatcher... and my eye is catched by a lot of things here... try to use the emotion of colours a bit wiser to bring in a clear focus on the things you want to show... Ok, i stop now... knowing it's for the table and there it will be a wonderful piece... 7.5 from my side of town... Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
13 Nov 2008 • Vote: 8
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