Squig Hopper - OZ GD 08

hi again everyone, this was one of my fun entries for our Aussie GD this year. I painted it in a mad panic in the 4 days leading up to GD haha...I was up very late on the last night! I decided to go for a fairly classic sort of colour scheme for the goblin, and something a little different with the pale squig. I didn't want the squig to steal too much attention from the rider; I wanted the goblin to be the focus, so I used the strongest colours around his face. Let me tell you, painting those checks on the hood was a NIGHTMARE haha...the round tapering shape made life very difficult! That soaked up a large portion of the painting time :P Because this squig hopper had to go on the 40mm base, it meant that it had to be entered in the 'fantasy large mini' category at our GD. This was why I decided to make him a bit more dynamic on the base, with the sloping front, so that the hopper would be way up in the air - the idea was that this would give the figure more of a chance of standing out amongst the big mounted figures and monsters etc. in the category. In the end I got lucky and managed to win the silver trophy :) Lots more bigger photos on my site, as usual! Thanks for looking :D

Posted: 17 Nov 2008

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Alexa Fallon
Such amazing work!
1 day ago
Wooow, it is an amazing stuff. PERFECT !!! :)
27 Nov 2008
Albert Moreto Font
slayer sword
26 Nov 2008
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