Here's another figure from the Enigma 'Massive Darkness' range. I love the Enigma figures - they are all a real pleasure to work with. :) Although the head is actually from an Alkemy figure hehe. I painted this one as a commission job for a friend. Since it was for someone I know, I took the opportunity to try something slightly more unusual and risky with the colour scheme. Some weird colours that I wouldn't normally use. I was trying to create a slightly jarring effect, to try to create a more unsettling feeling for the figure.

Posted: 27 Nov 2008

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I agree with ana,the other works of u are far better. it woulnt be right to give him the same rating.
26 May 2009
Great Stuff. And i like the fur just the way it is. Anymore and things would be getting to busy. This figure already has a bit much going on in it but I love it.
26 May 2009
i disagree with anna, the fur and hair with much more contrast(except maybe the head) would be too harsh....theres also lots of his usual bluegreens, i mean its all over! and the recesses of the cape? i dont see an issue with, it may be "slightly" rough, but theres a lot of painters on here with much rougher blending than that scoring as high or higher, if anything was "rough" itd be the metallics..base is awesome
11 Dec 2008 • Vote: 10
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