Garlan de Brall

Happy New Year everyone! :) This one is a fantastic figure from the Alkemy game by Kraken Editions. Sculpted by Allan C! :) I've been meaning to paint this one for ages, so I finally got around to it over the Christmas and New Year's break. I painted it for fun, as a bit of a holiday for myself, haha. I think the Avalon figures with their vegetative symbiotes from the Beathacrann present a very interesting contrast between hard edged armour and the plant-like tentacles, so I tried to play on this contrast using a very tight red-green colour scheme. Using such a limited palette can be an interesting painting experience, and it can create quite a dramatic effect I think. There are more photos on my site.

Posted: 6 Jan 2009

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Wonderful painting and color choices on the the cloth and armor !
7 Jul 2009 • Vote: 10
Superb. Love the dynamic colours. And your bases adds so much beyond the mini itself. Thanks for sharing.
15 Jan 2009 • Vote: 10
holla die waldfee!!! 8,8!?! come on girls its defenetly abouve 9!...once again sovereign "automaton color gaming" ;)...i really love your "recent" painting style (though the one you painted your CO-minis was also your Virae-version ;) ) with the complementary colors...using'em on the mini and the base...great work! Cheers Tom
14 Jan 2009
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