Grimgor Ironhide

This was a commission painting job. The client wanted a fairly traditional orc colours, so he has a pretty traditional colour scheme. At first, I was planning to give him very dark skin, like the black orcs in the old days of GW; but in the end I changed my mind and ended up using something a little lighter. But it is still a bit different from the usual way I paint orc skin - there is more blue content in this one, and quite dark shadows, to try to give a slightly darker feel.

Posted: 24 Feb 2009

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Love the red shoulder pads!!
26 Apr 2015 • Vote: 9
hahaha the first time i saw this mini i dident see it was you who painted it. i was like wow. those mitalics are amazing, because from your minis i knew what good metallic were. and then i look at it again and im like. no wonder!!! hahaha great job and as always your metallic and painting is always an inspiration!
5 Mar 2009
Awesome job, maybe the best I´ve ver seen on this mini; both armor and skin are fantastic, the face looks great, I´d really love a closeup of that part; the blood effect also looks very good, and is very fitting for an orc too!!
4 Mar 2009
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