Sulfur Chevalier

This was a commission work for my friend Emiliano :) I call him the 'sulfur chevalier' because of the yellow colour. It is also my second version of the Ilyad chevalier des baronnies. For this version, I wanted to make something different, of course, so I used a very different colour scheme. Well, I say different, but in reality the two are not that dissimilar: the schemes of both my chevaliers could be generally described as triadic colour schemes, based around the 3 primary colours, red blue and yellow (or magenta, cyan, yellow if you're that way inclined hehe ;) ). So the main difference is really the fact that, whilst the first chevalier used blue as the dominant colour, supported by red, with some yellow-ish details, this chevalier is yellow-dominant, with the dark red in support, and blue details. So in effect the colour scheme has simply been turned a third of the way round the colour wheel. But I think the result gives quite a different feeling to the figure. The yellow colour was inspired by one of Bohun's recent minis, Sigvald, seen here: In the end my yellow became a bit different, but this generally is the case I think! Whenever one sets out to copy another figure, changes always occur as the painting process takes you on your own, separate journey. I wanted to try painting slightly 'cleaner', less oxidized metallics on this one. Of course I couldn't resist using a little bit of colour... but the metals are cleaner than my usual, at least! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and if you like it, have a look at the bigger, better photos on my site, here: Thanks everyone :)

Posted: 2 Mar 2009

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Fantastic work, thanks for sharing.
18 Mar 2009
Amazing work Sebastian !!! as always ;) Ciaooo
15 Mar 2009 • Vote: 10
Unbelievably good! 10/10 I would love to be able to do metallics as well as you! I saw your tutorial the other day and can't wait to try it out :) All the best!
11 Mar 2009
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