Maximillian by Tobsen Miniatures

I've been having some fun with this for the past few days, this mini is soon to be released from Tobsen miniatures and he asked me if I would paint this one up for his webstore. I sent the pics today and now this mini is residing in amongst my other greenskins. I called it Da Snot Pot as I will use it as a snotling dread as it is a little too small to be used as a grot machine. I hope you like it as much as I do, it was a fun mini to paint and I would certainly do more if asked. :)

Posted: 13 Mar 2009

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Thanks for the comments I didn't expect this one to do as well as it has. The OSL for the eyes was done by using thinned down Ultramarine blue and then I added white to this a couple of times. It could have been a bit better I admit but this is something I don't normally play around with so I class this as a first attempt and was pleased with the end result. Thanks again all.
16 Mar 2009 • Vote: 10
Brilliant! Metallics are great as is the weathering. What colours did you use for your OSL effect around the eyes?
16 Mar 2009
8 for the painting +1 for the name :D
14 Mar 2009
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