Tarika, Adventuress from Guild of Harmony

Here's another figure I sculpted and painted for the Guild of Harmony range of minis. Tarika is a female adventurer - I imagine her in the classic fantasy situation of exploring a dark dungeon underground somewhere, searching for treasure :) She is a 32mm, cast in white metal. This figure and the rest of the range are available in the online store, here: Guild of Harmony shop Or at the CMON store.

Posted: 18 Mar 2009

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Brother Captain
Great subtle OSL. The face is realy nice too, you seem to have a talent for painting faces.
19 Mar 2009
The OSL effect is fantastic... Ciao ;)
19 Mar 2009 • Vote: 10
dogfacedboy uk1
Its a lovely sculpt and the lighting you have done looks nice and soft. Good work.
19 Mar 2009 • Vote: 10
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