Celeborn (Different Alngles)

I thought I would put up this stitched version of Celeborn showing him from different angles. I am particularly pleased with how the face eventually turned out.

Posted: 12 Apr 2009

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great painting my friend :)
9 Oct 2009
Lords of Glamorgarth
damn, sry, with the last sentence i mean, if you compare with the first version of the face, you notice a great evolution.
17 Apr 2009
Lords of Glamorgarth
7.6?? Strange, probably because people expect a Celeborn with much freehand and spectacular base or something, because if they only expect a great paintjob, the rating would be much higher. ^^ Face is fantastic and has a great evolution in it if you like from where you started (wip OR). Colors, blending, all great. Keep up painting like this.
17 Apr 2009

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